Saturday, November 16, 2013

Endure Well

            When I endure my trials well, I believe that the Lord is more able to bless me because I am keeping His commandment to be of good cheer.  This is because of the law in heaven that states that when I keep a commandment, the Lord is bound to bless me.
            I saw this in my life this past Friday while I was working at the testing center. One of the rules that we follow there is students cannot take tests if they are wearing leggings because that is against the honor code. On that Friday, we turned away a lot of girls because they were not complying with the honor code. I personally had to tell a lot of girls that they could not take their test until they had changed. I felt so horrible when I saw the look on their faces. After I had done this many times, it was my turn to proctor the students who were taking their tests. As I walked around the big testing room, I felt like crying because I felt really sorry for what I had been doing, even when I knew it was my job. I also began to feel overwhelmed because of all the homework and responsibilities I had. While I thought on these things, the Spirit whispered to me that I needed to count my blessings because gratitude can bring you happiness. Soon after I began to count my blessings, this student, who was turning in his test, said to me in passing, “Thank you for all you do. You really make a difference, Ashley.”

            This touched my heart so much. In that moment, I knew that the Lord was aware of me and my situation. Because I had made the decision to be happy and grateful in the midst of some small trials, the Lord helped me remember that He is mindful of me and He blessed me with an assurance that I was ok. I am so grateful for that experience and I know that when I endure my trials well, I will be more receptive to the Spirit and I will remember that the Lord is perfectly aware of me. 

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  1. That is a great post Ashely, it's funny you wrote about this today because me and my roommate Sean had this exact discussion this morning coming back from the gym. Gratitude is a huge part of becoming more Christlike and I was so happy to read this post.